Organized Dorm Life

With school coming to an end, all I can think about is all the young adults going off to college, and thinking about how they are going to organize their dorm room, or even small room in a house. I love school ending and then school begining because all the stores are filled with amazing storage saving space items for a dorm! While I have never had the chance to experience living in a dorm, since I went from living with my parents to getting an apartment with my fiance while we were in college, and now we have a 3 bedroom, so we don’t really worry about space!

So here are some ways I came up with to organize a small space!

  • First and for most, in a dorm you are going to have small closet, so many ways to organize a closet is hanging shelfs for things like jeans and t-shirts that way you can make more room to hang up more important blouses that you don’t want to get wrinkled. Always add drawers on the floor of your closet, or if you have a top shelf!
  • Since dorm rooms can be really tiny, your walls don’t have much space, so if you do have a lot of things you want to crame in your room, think of more than posters, using hook racks, and corner shelfs can give you extra room to put your knick knacks.
  • A standard desk does not give you much to work with as far as storage, so think of getting a cute small filling cart on the side for some extra room for notebooks and school supplies.
  • Since there is no laundry room in dorms you are probably going to be lugging laundry up or down the staris, so get a laundry bag that is very portable and easy to lug around.
  • If you have your own bathroom in college well your one lucky dude, but most of the time you are sharing a common bathroom with others on your floor, so getting a bathroom caddy that can fit everything you need while you are in the bathroom is a great idea!
  • THINK STORAGE while your in your dorm room, look under the bed, over the door, on the walls, on the floor, just try not to make it look to cluttered!

Since I never had a dorm room, many of my tips came well from me of course, but also from friends you have experienced living in a dorm, so hopefully some of you found this helpful, if you have any more tips please feel free to leave them below!

Thanks, Ashley

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