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I was going to wait until the first day of June to post this, but I just couldn’t wait, I thought this DIY Father’s Day card was so cute not to post yet. I think this would be such a cute project to do with your kids, I don’t have any kids, but I love coming up with cute and fun craft ideas for kids!


3 different pieces of scrapbook paper, I choose 3 that compliment each other

Scissors, glue stick, different letter stickers, or whatever else you want to add to the front!

Step 1: Trace your hand around 2 of the scrapbook papers (the 2 that you want to be the hands)

Step 2: Cut a thick piece of paper from your 3rd paper, and then fold it multiple times

Step 3: Take your 2 hands you traced and cut, and glue each end of the paper you folded to the middle part of each hand.

Step 4: Add your letters and stickers make it fun and unique, use what you have, you can go simple like I did, or you can add glitter, draw on it, or anything you want!

What kind of arts and crafts do you do in honor of fathers day? Link your posts below or link them when you add them!