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So it has been about a week, ok so a day less than a week, (I could have really just said six days) anways, my plants have grown tremendously since I last posted about them. Every day I go out there I am just amazed. Since we have been growing my phrase when I first get up as become “Hunny come look at these peas”, because everyday it just amazes me how much they grow in a day! Below are some images I took today to show the growth!

How are your plants doing this planting season? Have a post about your plants leave it in a comment and I will check it out!


All of a sudden one day I was like I want to make a garden, So I went out with no plan, and just bought some random seeds including peas, peppers, carrots, and corn. I also went and bought pre planted tomatoes that started off super small! We have a fairly small yard, and we also have an inside dog you uses the yard for his business. I did not really want to plant anything into the ground as my dog would just dig everything up since that’s what he is known best for! After organizing everything in our house and getting rid of things I had a ton of left over bins with no lids so I figured that may work with some soil and watering my seeds might actually GROW! Low and behold after just a few shorts weeks I started seeing some growth!

We planted the corn and peppers at a later time, so nothing is sprouting up with those yet, but I will be posting an update maybe once a week or so, I think that would be fun to see how they are doing!

I’m not sure how the carrots are going to do, not being planted into the ground, but so far they are doing pretty good, so we shall see! I have never planted anything before other than an inside plant that neglected water and died, so this is exciting to me that things are even growing!