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Today I thought I would introduce my animals, I have not talked about my animals or mentioned them in any posts yet, yesturday I was outside with ALL of them, and yes ALL of them… I have 3 cats and 1 dog! They are my kids for now, and I love them all more than anything, they all have such different personalities!

That up there, that is Spot, we got him over a year ago from a Vet, who’s pervious owners brought him in after he was in a car accident and couldn’t afford the hospital bills, after he recovered we went and got him, he acts like he never even broke his leg, when we first got him he had a hard time walking on his front leg, now he jumps all over the place and loves to dig!

Then there is Simba, he is the first animal me and Justin got together, we came home from our first day of college to find him on our couch, he was a present from my dad, who found him outside not even a month old, so I’m really glad we have him, although he acts more like a dog than a cat, he even fetches!

Up there is Rocky, we got him just about 3 years ago, we found him online for free and went to see him, and just fell in love. The lady we went to see to get him, her husband found a litter of cats abandon in a home they were demolishing, they still had their umbilical cords in. Rocky is a little mamas boy so I play a little favoring to him, since the other cats are pretty independent!

This is Rocky again, but I had  to include this one because if you can notice he is sticking his tounge out, and I thought it was such a cute picture!

This is our newest edition, we try to call him black bear, but we did not have a name for him for so long that we have gotten accustomed to calling him “little kitty”, or “little black kitty”. He is another rescue from off the street, abandoned my sister when she was staying with us for a little while actually hid him in her closet and while she was at school I heard a meow, and looked in her room, and then found him in her closet, and at first I didn’t think we needed another animal, but he was so small a cute, and was such a lap kitty which I love, so we had to keep him!

How many animals do you have? Are you a sucker for outside animals and rescuing, I have never actually bought an animal, I love finding animals outside that are clearly abandon and giving them a home! Send me a link to a post you have showing off your animals