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I have been going crazy online window shopping, and every website I go on, I am seeing collars everywhere, especially collars with lace and embellishments! I LOVE THIS TREND….. It’s very girly, feminine, but also edgy and unqiue! All the shirts below I found on Forever 21, but there are so many websites that also have collared shirts such as Zara, and Piperlime, to name a couple.


What do you think of this trend, love it, or are you going to pass?



The peplum trend has become ever so popular, and all over the runway.depending on your body type this style can be hard to pull off, if you go for a top that defines your wasit like the top above, it’s more of a subtle peplum, but it looks great without going to far if your a little scared of the trend or it may be too much.

Tips to make this trend work:

Defining your waist is what the peplum trend is meant to do, when wearing a peplum shirt make sure the top of the peplum hits your waist line, or you can always add a skinny belt to define your waist!

A peplum creates volume, so when your wearing a peplum dress, shirt or skirt, make sure to keep the rest of your outfit slimming!

This trend can be worn many different ways wether it be with shirts, skirts or dresses, however, try to keep to one, but play around with different colors, and patterns. My favorite way is with shirts, and a pair of dark skinny capris or jeans!

I love the outfit above I put together to show how you can make it work, but still be subtle!

Is this a trend you are willing to try, or have tried, or are you going to skip out?



Dip dyed hair emerged in 2010, and is still going and becoming more popular than ever, with every celebrity getting on the trend. This trend has been seen with more natural hair colors, and every color from pink, purple, blue, green, and neon colors.

I have been obsessed with the dip dyed trend, however I’m not brave enough to even try this, since I just got lighter highlights in my hair since middle school, so maybe this might be the next step, with more natural tone, such as a lighter color at the bottom since my natural hair color is dark brown!

Let me know what you think of this trend, or if you have tried this yet!


The neon trend is in full blast, it started with bags now it’s in full motion with denim, every accessory you can think of, and even shoes! Neon is a trend, so these bright of colors will come and go, so with trends I like to my items to be budget friendly since you will only wear them while they are in style, just about everything shown here was found on forever and all at reasonably prices of under $20.

With neon colors, you can always wear them together and do a colorblocking, or to keep it calm you can wear one neon item for a pop of color, and then wear everything else neutral! A hot pink shirt, would pair great with a nice dark denim, or white, and then pair some cute fun neon accessories!

I wish I was on this trend, but I just got into color, inside of just black and greys, (because of work), I think I am going to start of simple and buy some cute fun accessories! Have you bought anything that is neon yet? How you would you pair neon’s into your wardrobe?