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Pretty pastels have been all over the catwalk and are such a huge trend for this summer. As fancy and girly as these shades are, they can be a little tricky to get the look just right. Whether it’s candy pink or mint green, there are so many options popping up, that it would be hard not to get this look down!

Go Monochromatic

Go with one solid pastel color rather than breaking it up.  If you are petite, pastel trends worn in a column of color will help you  look taller, creating a beautiful long line giving your look the strength it needs. Accent your monochromatic look with stronger accessories that are not in the same color family.  It will help balance out the soft and create interest.

Wear a Top

Pair a pastel floral top with jeans, floral patterns are very much on trend this season and if you have worn them before, you must be careful.  Pastel trends coupled with a floral pattern can look old lady like very easily.

Support with Accessories

The most important concept to remember when wearing pastel trends is in how you use your accessories. Sometimes adding a simple pastel necklace or earrings looks better than going overboard with everything pastel.

Be bold and be creative with your accessories! Consider:

  • Pastel Nail Polish
  • Bold gold jewelry to give power to your look
  • Try larger pieces than you normally wear
  • Cuffs not just gold, but leather too!
  • Structured handbags

Leave your suggestions below on how you wear the pastel trend!


Forget about the bag, the shoes, and lip gloss. At the moment, the most fashion forward accessory is your nails. This summer is all about the bright neons, pastels, and light neutrals are always in season! I went through my collection and pulled out a few of my favorite shades that fit into the 3 catagoreys I choose to focus on for this post about summer nail trends, because of course there are more nail trends than the 3 I am going over!

Left to Right: Revlon Liliac Pastel, Revlon Peach Petal, Sally Hason Lacey Lilac, China Glaze Secret Peri-Wink-Le, Essie Turquoise & Caicos

Zoya Shay, Sinful Colors Social Ladder, Revlon Gray Suede, Rimmel Grey Matter, Confetti Moonstruck

Essie Mod Square, Revlon Mad about Mango, Revlon Tangerine, Sally Hanson Mellow Yellow, Sinful Colors Savage

Let me know what you what your favorite summer nail trend is for 2012? Also would you like me to make another post with 3 more nail trends for this summer? I will always be down a few nail tutorials soon, I’m thinking maybe once a week, I’m very excited I want to get a new camera to for better pictures! I’m also hoping to get a small work station set up so I have a place of my own to work on projects and blog posts!


Dip dyed hair emerged in 2010, and is still going and becoming more popular than ever, with every celebrity getting on the trend. This trend has been seen with more natural hair colors, and every color from pink, purple, blue, green, and neon colors.

I have been obsessed with the dip dyed trend, however I’m not brave enough to even try this, since I just got lighter highlights in my hair since middle school, so maybe this might be the next step, with more natural tone, such as a lighter color at the bottom since my natural hair color is dark brown!

Let me know what you think of this trend, or if you have tried this yet!